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Flake’s serves markets of interior designers,
set decorators, landscape architects, handicraft enthusiasts,
event planners, and enthusiastic art & design lovers.
Flake's Design & Arredo retailer of one-of-a-kind from 2010
Each of our products provides a truly unique atmosphere for your home and make the perfect souvenir from italy and amazing gift for your loved ones.

Flake’s handicraft from all over Italy Ceramic production. Having established roots in Trastevere, Rome in 2010, Flake’s Design & Arredo With10 years of expertise in the interior decorating & design fields, our scope reaches beyond simply selling homeware. Each of our products provides a truly unique atmosphere for your home and make the perfect souvenir from Italy and amazing gift for your loved ones. Furthermore, Chiara as the owner, design professional graduated at European Institute of Design in Rome cum laude, interior decorator, affords Flake’s the ability to collaborate with clients and create custom pieces of furniture and take care of every single detail..so come visit us in Trastevere!


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The interior decorator Chiara, graduated cum laude in 2010 at the European Institute of Design and had the bold idea to open a shop with the clear mission in her mind: to give space in her little shop to the rarest and most precious collection of Italian handicraft.

Now after 10 years of design professional, together with deep and sound experience in finding only the masterpieces, Chiara and her passion for beautiful handmade objects is able to guide you through the story of our worldwide famous pottery collections and the story of our traditions and culture.

Chiara also keeps collaborating with her clients and the artisans in order to create tailor made pieces of furniture and taking care of every single detail.

So come visit us in via della Scala 45 (Trastevere) or browse the most unique Italian Handicraft collection online !Embrace the Italian amazing design and choose your favourite piece!

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“In truth, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well; and nothing can be done well without attention.” Philip Lord Chesterfield

Flake’s is an atelier that surprises you with all the best artists works, and helps you to discover unique items and have them personalized.

From the discovery to sharing, and from evaluation to re-evalutation : Flake’s is costantly collaborationg with experts and passionate of the “ well-made” items. The mission of Flake’s is enhance and promote the most excellent craftmanship Made in Italy.