At Flake's you will find timeless interiors and only the best of ceramics 'Made in Italy'. Discover always new gift ideas at Flake's Iconic pieces. Come and visit us in our suggestive showroom situated in a XIX century building in TRASTEVERE, you will live a great experience!

The beautiful workmanship and exquisite finishing of these objects are famous worldwide. Browse the most unique Italian Handicraft collection online, embrace the Italian amazing design and choose your favourite piece between the traditional pottery from Deruta to the colorful pieces from Amalfi Coast!

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Flake’s Short Story
Flake’s collects timeless interiors, inspired by your ideas and the enlightened hands of italian artisans, where past and present work together in unified harmony.

"This place is a 100/10 in my book, and you should simply visit it. You'll fall in love. I did."


"I’m so glad I found Flake’s! It is so cute and full of handmade items by local artist. I bought many souvenirs and of course some things for myself"


"Absolutely gorgeous little shop with a great variety of quality products to suit all budgets, Chiara’s was very friendly and helpful"


"Delighted with my items and delighted to support a wonderful independent shop. Will definitely shop again!!"


"Flake's is the best shop in Rome to buy interior design items with the best quality ever. Chiara is highly professional, she knows how to choose the best products for your house “"

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“Creativity is a wild mind and disciplined eye “ D.P.
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